Joe Louis

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Joe Louis "The Brown Bomber" was born on May 13, 1914. Joe spent his early years batttling through poverty, his father Mun Barrow was a cotton picker recieving modest wages. Joe discovered boxing when his family moved to Detroit in 1924. Even though Joe was just entering the boxing world, his southern background gave him the anger and aptitudes to become a great fighter. His career still required an extreme amount of hard work from the young fighter. Joe recieved the light heavyweight gold gloves after fighting for just ten years. Following this accomplishment Joe became known as a proffesional and won twelve contests in his first pro. career alone. Joe continued to improve by defeating Primo Carnera in 1935 in Yankee stadium in front of 62,000 fans. Joe recieved his first defeat from Max Schmeling in June 19, 1936. After this Joe continued to win defeating James J. Braddock and others, resulting in his "Bum of the Month" campaign. This was desgined for Joe to fight a new person every month, whether they were a contender or not. Joe Louis defended his heavy weight title for 12 year, the longest span in history. In 1949 Joe Louis retired, however in 1950 he attempts to recapture his title from Ezzard Charles, but unfortunatly he lost. That was the final chapter in his career.

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