Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple

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~ “Good luck needs no explanation.”
~ “I stopped believing in santa clause when at age six my mother took me to a department store to see him, and he asked me for my autograph.”
~ “On the Good Ship Lollipop.”

Shirley Temple is easiliy the most famous and well known child actor. She got her start in the movies at the age of only three years old and soon grew to super stardom. At the age of five, Shirley could act, sing, and even dance. Fans loved her as she was bright, bouncy and cheerful in all her movies and they all bought millions of dolls, phonograph records, mugs,(etc.) Shirley was the biggest box-office hit for three straight years, 1936-37-38, beating out such great grown up stars as Joan Crawford. By 1939, her popularity declined. Although she starred in movies like Since You Went Away (1944) and the The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947), her career was about to end. Later, she served as an ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. It was once guessed that she had more than 50 golden curls on her head!

Shirley Temple was imporatant to America in the 1930s becuase it gave them entertainment in a time of struggle. Millions of fans all over the country bou ght movie tickets, dolls, coffee mugs, and souveniours. She was literally America's Entertainment. Providing laughs to millions of kids and adults alike throughout The Depression, Shirley Temple was one of the most gifted entertainers of the 1930s.