Every day in the camps men, women and children(when not in school) would be either in the orchards, fields, or packing sheds working. They were responsible for the cleanliness of the camp. The people of the camp governed and policed themselves while living under tents on platforms. At the camps there was church service, school for all the kids, a nursery for the children while the mothers where working and several craft lessons. They even had baseball games and weekly dances, talent shows, and pot luck dinners.

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A significant amount of shooting was done around Weedpatch Camp which Tom Collins ran, and he advised the director on the dress, manner, habits, speech and culture of the migrants.

This camp exists today and is still used by migrant workers.
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An Okie child with cotton sack at Weedpatch Camp, 1936.

Families at the time were large, and many of the residents of the Camp were children. At school they were regarded by their teachers and fellow students alike as stupid and retarded, and were taunted by the clothing they wore which was ragged or ill fitting. Many went to school bare footed.

The Weedpatch Camps consist of toilets and showers and wash racks for the lexury of the Okies. Many of the okies thought it was heaven from other camps. The migrants dont have to worry about cops running them off because the Weedpatch is ran by its own committee which are just the plain citizens who live there, and know how rough a time everybody's had.

"you mean to say fellas that runs the camps is just fellas campin here?"